Friday, 28 August 2015

Oracle WebCenter Content UI - How to change logo and title

The new Oracle WebCenter Content UI offers a more intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop convenience and sophisticated searching capabilities.

If you are already working with this new UI you might want to do some customization. In the Oracle documentation you will find some information to perform this: Customizing the WebCenter Content User Interface

If you are looking to change the branding logo and title do these simple steps:

  • Set your Weblogic home of the UI server
    • export WL_HOME=/u01/Oracle/Middleware/WebUI/wlserver_10.3
  • Execute the WLST of the WCCADF 
    • /u01/Oracle/Middleware/WebUI/oracle_common/webcenter/wccadf/WlstResources/common/bin/
  • Connect to the Weblogic Server
    • connect('weblogic','welcome1','t3://localhost:16225')
  • You can execute displayWccAdfConfig(appName='Oracle WebCenter Content - Web UI') to display the configuration of the WCC UI application.

  •  Use updateWccAdfConfig to update any configuration that you desire. In particular for the branding logo and title:
    • updateWccAdfConfig(appName='Oracle WebCenter Content - Web UI', customBrandingTitle='EPROSEED CONTENT MANAGEMENT')
    • updateWccAdfConfig(appName='Oracle WebCenter Content - Web UI', customBrandingLogo='file:///home/eproseed-logo.png')

And there you have it! Your WebCenter Content UI with your own branding logo and title!

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