Thursday, 20 August 2015

JDeveloper 12c becomes slow while editing BPM Process

There is a known issue with JDeveloper 12c while working on a BPM Process where JDeveloper becomes very slow while editing the process.
A simple drag and drop of an activity or a data association becomes a real pain and it seems as if JDeveloper is constantly working on the background.

To improve this I have two suggestions. The first one will not solve the issue but will help. The second will take away all your frustration!

  1. Remove the auto-build on save action
    1. Go to Tools → Preferences
    2. Search for save actions
    3. Remove the Build Project after Save from the list
  2. Apply patch # 18964763 to your JDeveloper 
    1. Download patch # 18964763 from My Oracle Support
    2. Follow the installation instructions to install the patch with OPatch

And... VoilĂ !!

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    if you don't have an account on My Oracle Support what you suggest?
    I already tried the first solution and as you say it doesn't help a lot.
    Thank you.