Friday, 23 October 2015

New Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Released!!

The version 12.2.1 is officially and finally out!

Check what's new:

Oracle B2B

  • Moving B2B Agreement from a Test to a Production Environment - Test to production (T2P) process is now simpler with the use of configuration plans to change the endpoints
  • Enabling AS4–Based Message Exchange - Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) standard is now supported!
  • Message Flow Throttling - Oracle B2B can pause, or throttle, the endpoint to publish messages
  • Securing Messages with PGP - Oracle B2B and Healthcare support message level security using PGP 

Oracle SSHI (Soa Suite for Healthcare Integration)

  • Cloning Endpoints - As possible with B2B agreements, its now possible to clone SSHI endpoints
  • Synchronous Request/Reply over MLLP - Request/reply communication between two MLLP endpoints is not facilitated by the introduction of the sync communication feature at the endpoint configuration  
  • Message Flow Throttling - same as B2B
  • Securing Messages with PGP - Same as B2B

Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL, Mediator, Business Rules and Human Workflow)

  • Support for patching running composite instances - Enabling the patching of running instances of a composite and recover faulted instances after patching
  • Support for In-Memory SOA Using In-Memory SOA - Improve System Performance executing short living processes only in memory
  • Support for debugging XSLT maps and support for conditional debugging - Enables debuging of XSLT maps using the SOA Debugger and using breakpoints
  • Support for End-to-End JSON and JavaScript - Binding and reference of REST are made easy with the full support ot JSON and the introduciton of Java Script activity in BPEL processes

Oracle Service Bus

  • Service Bus now supports REST natively end-to end - Native REST proxy services, business services, and pipelines are new in this release.
  • A JavaScript pipeline action has been added to simplify manipulation of JSON and XML payloads. 
  • The REST Branching, a new pipeline branch used with untyped Native REST services, has been added.
  • A web-based XSLT mapper has been added to the Service Bus console. 
  • The Service Bus debugger in JDeveloper has been enhanced to support conditional and exception breakpoints. 
  • The HTTP tansport has been enhanced with support for compressed payloads. 
  • The SFTP transport has been enhanced with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliance support. 
  • The EJB transport has been enhanced to leverage the JAX-WS stack to perform Java to XML bindings. 
  • The MQ transport has been enhanced with Multi-Instance Queue Manager support.

And much much more... Stay tuned for more details!

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