Thursday, 15 January 2015

eProseed has accomplished it's first go-live with 12c technology

We are pleased to announce that eProseed has accomplished its first go-live with 12c technology working with CFL - The Luxembourgish National Railway Company.

With this implementation, CFL accomplished a high-reliable, agile and flexible integration platform across various heterogeneous application - existent in and off-premises - empowering CFL monitoring and control capabilities in addition to a faster customer on-boarding.

eProseed team’s expertise enhanced the new SOA Suite 12c capabilities enabling to deliver a short time-to-market solution based in standards and best practices that lays a solid foundation for future coming projects.

This first phase is cornerstone of a broader IT transformational project where CFL wants to put in place a full SOA platform capable of handling all the communications between its internal applications and their partners.

The synergies between the SOA 12c components, namely B2B and OSB products, are key for building a solid and flexible integration layer to implement a variety of interfaces that enable CFL to communicate easily and efficiently with all of their partners.

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