Monday, 15 December 2014

Oracle B2B 12c – What’s New!

This post serves as the first of a series of posts dedicated to Oracle B2B.

What better way to start this series than to highlight the many new features have been added to Oracle B2B 12c which can change the landscape of the target usage for B2B.

Let's look at some of these new features:
  • Document Translation Callout Framework
    • Introduced Document Callout for custom document parsing (inbound), validation and construction (outbound)
  • Regular Expression Document Identification
  • Trading Partner Metadata API
    • Parameters, Identifiers and TP Agreements accessible via Java API and WS
  • SSL Support for SMTP
  • Trading Partner Identifier via Regular Expression
  • Batching of Custom Documents
  • xPath payload extraction from SOAP Body
  • xEngine (B2B Native Parser) API for EDIFACT
  • Bulk Listening Channel activation
  • Enriched exchange information on message metadata
    • Channel used
    • Agreement 
  • Priority on Document Identification
  • Message IN/OUT Collaboration by ID
  • Improved Provisioning Self Service 
    • Callouts
    • Identifiers
    • Parameters
    • Channel details
    • Incremental Update

Note: All of this features are available for the version 11g of SOA Suite by installation of patch SOA bundle Patch 19190139 

In 12.1.3 there's:
  • Support for streaming (effective process for large payloads)
  • MFT as an integration channel
  • Enhanced End2End monitoring and integration with Error Hospital
  • Local Policy Attachment for Web Services

In future posts we will go into more details on these and other B2B features.

Stay tunned!

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