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Installing Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 on Red Hat


First of all, many thanks for John Piowar for sharing this post on how to install Oracle EBS. This post was then my guidelines to perform an fresh installation of Oracle e-business suite version 12.2.0. The intention of this post is not to copy what John wrote, its to share my experience on top of what is written on the blog and on official Oracle Documentation.

Server Specifications

  • OS - Red Hat EL 6 - 64bit
  • Disk - 420 Gb
  • Memory 16Gb
  • Hostame: ebs001.mydomain.com


used and created the following users:



For other users default passwords follow the defined on official documentation:



Created the following folders.


Note: run rapidInstall with root
On Wizard use oravis and applvis users

Bare in mind

Following this instructions can keep you from spending hours and hours of bad installation attempts, read it carefully ! :)
  • Be sure about all steps on the installation documents before starting installing. OUI installation will take !!! hours !!! to complete or raise an exception if not all steps are followed.
  • Change hostname if hostname + DbSid longer than 30 characters
  • Use wget to get rapidly the files from e-delivery and Oracle Support (wget "<URL>" -O <ZIP_NAME>) or use cookies.txt
  • Maintain the name of the zip files when downloading
  • Download only VISION. PROD Is not necessary
  • Use yum install `cat packages.txt to install all required OS packages in once action (check http://www.pythian.com/blog/getting-ready-to-install-ebs-12-2-vision-quickstart-notes/#os)
  • Be careful with what you maintain on zip folder when creating the staging area. Most of the problems are coming from here. Keep there only the required ZIP on zip folder - that can lead you to installation issues  - check My Oracle Support Doc ID 1588372.1
    • Do Include
    • V35803-01 - applTOP 
    • V35804-01 - applTOP CD2
    • V29764-01 - webTier utilites
    • V29856-01 - weblogic
    • V35813-01 - one-off patches
    • V35802-01 - OAS
    • V35230-01 - DB rapid Install
    • V35231 (1-5)- DB rapid install
    • V35807 - VISION DB 1
    • V35808 - VISION DB 2
    • V35809 - VISION DB 3
    • V35810 - VISION DB 4
    • V35811 - VISION DB 5
    • V35812 - VISION DB 6
    • DO NOT Include
    • V35215-01
    • V37515-01 (1-6)
    • Any other file
  • Be sure to use the latest startCD to create the staging area - on 28/02/2014 was Patch 17873425: RI STARTCD
  • After a failed install, to start installing clean contents of /oracle/VIS and /oracle/oraInventory

Documentation for Installation

This is the documentation that was followed to perform the installation of EBS environment.


My Oracle Support

Doc ID 1330701.1
Doc ID 1378579.1
Doc ID 1320300.1

Environment Management

Order of StartUp of Services Should be 
First DB Listener, Database & then Application Tier Services

Order of ShutDown of Services Should be
First Application Tier Services then Database & DB Listener 


su - oravis

1-Database Startup

Database listener startup Script

cd /oracle/VIS/11.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_ebsstf01
./addlnctl.sh start VIS

Database startup script

cd /oracle/VIS/11.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_ebsstf01
./addbctl.sh start

2-Application Tier Startup

su - applvis

cd /oracle/VIS/fs1/inst/apps/VIS_ebsstf01/admin/scripts

./adstrtal.sh apps/apps


1-Application Tier Stop

su - applvis

cd /oracle/VIS/fs1/inst/apps/VIS_ebsstf01/admin/scripts

./adstpall.sh apps/apps

2-Database Stop

su - oravis

Database shutdown script

cd /oracle/VIS/11.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_ebsstf01
./addbctl.sh stop

Database listener shutdown Script

cd /oracle/VIS/11.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_ebsstf01
./addlnctl.sh stop VIS

My experience


Some exceptions that appeared during the installation,mainly during the environment health check.

RW-00048: Error: Verify that the format of the file /etc/hosts is of the form "IPAddress hostname.domainname hostname"

Solution: On the host files, be sure the file is having only on space between the ip and the host name, do not use tabs. Be sure your hostname exceeds the 30 characters. [host name].[full domain name] [hostname]


Not able to run DB installer. Check staging area.

Solution: Allways check using md5sum the downloaded zips. You have the digest area one-delivery to check the md5 tokens.


oracle.apps.fnd.txk.config.ProcessStateException: OUI process failed : Exit=139 See log for details.

Solution: Check in this post the list of zip files that should be on the zip folder when running createStage script. Fo not maintain any zip that is not on the list in this folder or else you can have this exception.


Established connection with the WebLogic AdminServer.
Trying to establish connection using the AppsJDBCConnector
Could not obtain connection using the AppsJDBCConnectorORA-01005: null password given; logon denied

Trying to get connection using SID based connect descriptor
Database connection could not be established.

Solution: hostname + domain + SID is bigger than 30 characters. Change the hostname for something smaller.

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